About the company

Eyecorephil is a web developing company established in cebu. The company aims to provide good quality websites and system to boost the marketing of several businesses in the philippines. We are also aiming to provide systems to different business establishments to accomodate there clients needs and wants.

Our company is also focusing in the network and server installation to provide top of the line networking for business enterprises that has difficulty in managing there datas and office computers.

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Company History

Before the company was established it already has several clients in the part of bohol and cebu. One of the very first clients we had is a travel agency in bohol ( www.asiaticadventuretours.com ). After the development of there website several other companies called and wanted to have a website of there own and our company started to grow in that basis. Today our company is targeting several businesses in central visayas to accomodate not only the big enterprises but also the small business establishments in town.

Our pleasure to serve you

Our company will help your business establish a good presence online and help promote your companies product and services.


To ensure that our company can compete with international standards in terms of website and systems developement.


To give our clients satisfaction in terms of establishing there businesses online to improve there presence online.


To be one of the best web developing company in the philippines and help businesses establish good marketing strategy to boost there company presence online.

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