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This are some of the company's that we have worked with.

Asiatic Adventure tours
Asiatic adventure tours is a travel and tours company in Bohol, Philippines offering one of the best travel and tours services. Their company has been  leading this market for a long time with very affordable services and offers.
Big 4 Marketing
Big 4 marketing is a network marketing company in Bohol, Philippines. Their company has been selling one of the best products and has been allowing their members profit for many year.
Lite Ferries
Lite Ferries is a leading shipping company located in Cebu, Philippines. Their company has been offeing the best cargo and passenger offer in Visayas regions. 
Diajun Cooling Services
Diajun Aircon Cool Services started November 6, 2013 which has maintained steady growth and stability. 
In total, Diajun Aircon Cool Services employees approximately nine (9) permanent staff. The functions of the business are very well resourced and efficient processing and enquiry response. Our business has the capacity to serve well and still maintaining an excellent level of customer service where our clients personalized requirements are met.
Exotic Chicha Worm
Crunchy treats that are cultured “Super Worms” that have been fed with organic food like fresh fruits and vegetables and then flavored with sugar, salt and chili powder. It is rich in protein!